Play is serious work for children, not an alternative activity.

At Comberton Playgroup, we believe that play is necessary and important for enabling children to:

  • Gain knowledge, skills, concepts and attitudes in a meaningful context.
  • Make informed choices becoming confident independent learners.
  • Work at their own pace in a non-competitive environment.
  • Achieve success and acknowledge failure as part of the learning process.
  • Learn to express and deal with their emotions behaving appropriately.
  • Begin to shape attitudes and make sense of the world.
  • Gain confidence, self esteem and develop a sense of personal identity.

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*We use our outdoor area as much as possible. In fine weather it is important that your children
have named hats available to wear. In poorer weather, welly boots and a coat are necessary.
All named to avoid confusion, thank you.*Parents and Grandparents, could you help at playgroup occasionally when needed?
If so, please let us know.