Summer Term Curriculum

This half term Blue & Green and the pre-school room will be focussing on planting and the environment. We will be growing vegetables and flowers and attempting to grow a tepee with sweet peas and runner beans!

Pre-school have tiny caterpillars, which the children will watch as they grow, change to chrysalis and finally emerge as butterflies which will be set free.

WB 12th April For the first few weeks we will be planting vegetables indoors in pots and in the back garden. The children will also be growing their own sunflowers, which they will take home to continue to grow in their garden.

If you could send us some pictures on Tapestry to show us how they are doing would be fantastic!

Blue and Green room will be making bug B&B’s using empty 4 pint milk bottles.

Pre-school will be doing a runner bean experiment in clear plastic bottles.

WB 4th May Pre-school will be learning about rhyming and alliteration.

Blue and Green will be reading rhymes and doing rhyming activities.

WB 10th May Blue and Green will be getting the easel out for ‘What’s in the garden’ painting, and Pre-school will be doing I-pad activities.

WB 17th May We will be preparing for ‘Bee Day’. Which is 20th May.

This week we will be making bee bombs (wildflower seed balls) in the tuff spot and making bee headbands. Pre-school will be making bee houses. We will also be explaining to the children how important bees are to the environment, and what we can do to help them.

On Thursday 20th May we will ‘bee’ asking everyone to either come to playgroup dressed as a bee or wear something yellow and black.

WB 24th May Pre-school will be making clay mini beasts and going out and about with the cameras.

Blue and Green will be making mini or large beasts! With the junk modelling and going for a bug hunt around the playground and back garden for ideas.

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