Curriculum this Half Term

This half term Blue & Green and the pre-school room will be focussing on planting and growing.
Wednesday 20th April we will be planting a tree for the Jubilee in the playground
WB 25th April For the first few weeks we will be planting vegetables indoors in pots and in the back garden. The children will also be growing their own sunflowers, which they will take home to continue to grow in their garden.
Pre-school will be planting runner beans in plastic bottles so the children can see the growth.
WB 3rd May Alongside growing plants, we will be looking at how we have grown. So if you could send in a baby picture of your child for a wall display that would be great!
We will be looking at how we have changed and painting self portraits on the easel.
To build up to the Jubilee we will also have pictures of the Queen at different stages of her
Preschool will be going on visits to a garden in Swaynes Lane Comberton to have a look at the wildlife.
A link will follow soon for you to see the amazing pictures and videos from the garden at night. It really is amazing. These visits will be over 2 weeks.
WB 9th May We will be looking at life cycles of different insects and making mini beasts with junk modelling.
We will be sending the children home with a bug hunt list and details on how to make your own bug hotel at home. Pictures on Tapestry please 😊
Pre-school will be out and about with the cameras taking pictures of bugs
WB 16th May We will be preparing for ‘Bee Day’. Which is 20th May.
This week we will be making bee bombs (wildflower seed balls) in the tuff spot and making bee headbands.
We will also be explaining to the children how important bees are to the environment, and what we can do to help them.
BBC iPlayer – Go Jetters – Series 3: 1. Honey Bee Hijack
On Friday 20th May we will ‘bee’ asking everyone to either come to playgroup dressed as a bee or wear something yellow and black.
WB 23rd May We will be preparing for our Jubilee playground party on Wednesday 25th May! (Everyone to be dressed in red, white and blue colours)
All children are invited. So if your children are not usually in that day, please let us know if
they will be in for the party.
Pre-school will be drawing/painting pictures of the Queen

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